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      Product Category

      Welcome to become our partner and create a better future with us.

      Industry application

      We have a strong team to provide you with professional services.

      Company profile

      Suzhou Changhai Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise in the field of plastic welding, manufacturing, sales and service. With the experience accumulated over the years, combined with the advanced plastic welding technology at home and abroad, the competitive diversified products are constantly developed according to the market demand, and the advanced production technology of the same industry in the world is actively studied to serve...

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      Product classification

      Product classification

      Special machine for ultrasonic welding of flex plate

      Servo positioning rotary melting machine

      Ultrasonic welding machine for door guard plate

      Carpet ultrasonic welding machine

      Ultrasonic wave (2600W hand rocking machine -1)

      Ultrasonic wave soldering and sound absorption cotton

      Ultrasonic welding machine

      Ultrasonic welding machine

      Ultrasonic welding machine

      Ultrasonic welding machine

      Ultrasonic welding machine

      Automatic frequency chasing 30KC-1200W

      Straight handle welding gun

      Pistol handle

      Ultrasonic metal welding head

      Ultrasonic puncture welding picture

      News and information

      News and information

      Product link:   Special machine for ultrasonic welding of flex plate   Servo positioning rotary melting machine   Ultrasonic welding machine for door guard plate   Carpet ultrasonic welding machine   Ultrasonic wave (2600W hand rocking machine -1)   

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